Ofsted unveils new safeguarding requirements

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Early years settings will need a safeguarding lead practitioner on duty whenever they are open, Ofsted has said.


The new requirement is one of a series of changes to Ofsted guidance on inspecting safeguarding in early years, education and skills settings, the first major update since the Common Inspection Framework was put in place a year ago.

The guidance says, 'During term time, or when the setting is in operation, the designated safeguarding lead or an appropriately trained deputy should be available during opening hours for staff to discuss safeguarding concerns.'

National Day Nurseries Association chief executive Purnima Tanuku said the lead practitioner rule 'could have implications for smaller settings which currently only have one designated lead and will need at least two from now on to ensure cover is available at all times'.

Other main changes include:

  • a new requirement for all staff and leaders to receive regular updates on safeguarding at least annually
  • a new requirement for schools and settings to have appropriate filters and monitoring systems in place to protect learners from harmful online material
  • a new requirement for a staff behaviour policy
  • clarification that designated staff need to have safeguarding training every two years, with knowledge and skills refreshed at least annually

Ms Tanuku said, 'It's important that the sector takes note of all these new updates, weaves them into a setting's policies and procedures, and thoroughly informs all practitioners.'

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