New early years training centre launches

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Early Excellence has opened an early years training centre in London’s Docklands.


The new Early Excellence London Centre in Canada Water

The centre is the second for the training and consultancy organisation, which specialises in early years pedagogy and practice. The first opened in Huddersfield, where the company is based, in 2000.

The new base has been launched in response to demand for its services from schools in the South of England. It will run conferences, courses, practical workshops, seminars, ‘innovative twilight events’, and bespoke training and support.

The training company now works with more than 7,000 schools across the country. Most recently, Early Excellence also developed the EExBA Reception Baseline assessment, which was used by 14,000 primary schools this year.

Liz Marsden, founder and director of Early Excellence, said, ‘Our mission at Early Excellence is to get it right for young children. This means all our work with schools and practitioners is designed to champion the development of inspirational learning and teaching in the early years.

‘Our influence and reach grows each year and by opening a centre in London we can work more closely with the thousands of schools in the south of England who want to partner with us.

‘We are creating a unique, innovative space for practitioners to get the best support and advice from our highly-experienced staff and other leading thinkers from around the world.’

She said that she wanted the centre to be the most innovative space in the UK to inspire and enthuse practitioners in high quality early years practice and provision.

Early Excellence is employing ten people at the London centre and expects 6,000 early years practitioners to visit in its first year.

Next month there will be a series of free events to give early years practitioners a chance to vist the centre and and meet the team.

Hayley McClenaghan, headteacher of Crowlands Primary School, in the London Borough of Havering, said, ‘The benefits and rewards of working with Early Excellence have been vast. The impact on teaching and learning in the EYFS has led to huge improvements, with outstanding practice now commonplace.

‘The staff feel better equipped to accurately plan, deliver and assess learning ensuring that all children are maximising their learning time. To observe this transformation in both teaching and learning is remarkable.’

Facilities at the centre include an interactive environment with best practice gallery, a resource centre, and a conference room that can seat up to 150 people.

  • Information about the free events in June can be found here
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