Spotlight on... Sharon Steele

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Position: Owner of The Firs Day Nursery, Burton-on-Trent


Sharon Steele

Staff at the nursery wanted to surprise Sharon by featuring her in this column. We spoke to manager Jenny Cole.

Why did you want to surprise Sharon?

All of us at the nursery are so proud that Sharon has achieved 25 years' ownership of the nursery, and we know how much she would value being featured in Nursery World. There are many long-serving staff members here who are thankful for the opportunities she has given to us.

What makes Sharon such a good leader?

She is strong, supportive and caring. Sharon has always had a genuine desire to create a family environment in the nursery. Her drive and commitment goes above and beyond the expected ethos of providing childcare and education; she genuinely cares for the children.

How did you celebrate the nursery's 25th anniversary this month?

For the first time ever, we closed the nursery for the day and Sharon took all the nursery staff, plus some past staff, out for a meal at a local restaurant. The next day we invited past and present families to the nursery for a celebration and Christmas fair.

What's next for the nursery?

We want to develop the service we provide. Sharon's big thing is bridging the gap for vulnerable families, so we will work on that.

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