Early years training provider launches 'webinars'

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Training provider PBD has introduced a range of live webinars for learners at level 3 and Level 5.


PBD's directors from left to right-Alison Midgley, Ross Midgley and Janet Dawson

The webinars, available to early years students enrolled on PBD’s Level 3 and Level 5 courses, including the Early Years Educator in September, are designed to complement face-to-face teaching and make it easier for learners to manage their time.

Covering a range of topics such as health and safety in the workplace, effective practice, and speech and language, the webinars support online lectures with a ‘hands up’ questions facility and chat option, along with screen sharing and discussions for smaller groups.

The hour-long webinars are also uploaded to PBD’s Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) afterwards for students who missed watching them live.

Director of PBD Ross Midgley said over 20 students have registered to view the webinars so far, with interest growing.

Janet Dawson, PBD’s training director, said, ‘We believe that technology should complement face-to-face teaching, not replace it. We already offer our learners e-portfolios and an extensive online resource library.  With the new webinars, we can link learners together to interact with assessors, outside experts and each other.’

Chrishna Ely, a PBD level 3 learner from Kent, said, ‘I was initially very worried about taking part in the webinars because I didn’t know what to expect. But I found that it was great experience and one that I’m keen to repeat. There was a lot of information in the presentation, which I will need to read later, in more depth and at my own pace.’

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