The big picture: Clown around

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Children at Streatham and Clapham Junior School Nursery took part in a circus skills workshop to develop physical abilities, self-confidence, communication and role-play.


Twenty-eight three- and four-year-olds tried plate spinning, stilt walking, scarf juggling and tumbling in a classroom styled as a big top, with bunting, colourful lights, and a ticket booth.

circus-streamersEYFS head Helen Rightmeyer said, 'We are really thrilled with the children. They displayed a real can-do attitude, took risks and used trial and error to work on the circus skills. We were so proud of their persistence - if plates fell down they put them back up again - and they were really meeting the challenges for their own satisfaction.'

'Parents commented that the children had gone home and showed them their skills, saying “look what I can do” with higher levels of self-confidence. This really fired them up and they come in every day now ready to do more. It was very successful.’

Older pupils from the junior and senior schools helped with face painting and the school gymnastics squad put on a display for the nursery children to watch.

circustightrope1Children ‘tightrope walked’ along a straight line of tape on the floor and made their own ticket booth and concession stand to sell pretend popcorn, candy floss, hot dogs and programmes.


The nursery plans to run a further half term of activities related to  the circus theme. This will include themed artwork, counting spots and stripes, dealing with money to sell products at the concession stand, making music for a marching band parade and exploring feelings and humour through clown faces.


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