Ofsted's director of early childhood Sue Gregory to retire

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Ms Gregory is to retire at the end of December after 13 years working at Ofsted.


Sue Gregory

In future the early childhood role will be split in two, with a national director for early education and one for childminding.

nickhTaking over responsibility for early education is Nick Hudson (top) and Lorna Fitzjohn (bottom) for childminding.

Nick Hudson is currently Ofsted’s regional director in the North East, Yorkshire and Humber, while Lorna Fitzjohn is regional director in the South West.

On her retirement, Sue Gregory said, ‘As I look back over the variety of roles I have had in my time here, each of them has been professionally rewarding. None more so than the last year as national director of early childhood. lornafIt has without doubt been an extremely busy and at times a challenging period, but one where we have made real headway in our drive to improve early years provision through better inspection and regulation.

‘We can be proud of our achievements over the last year, but there is till more to do.’

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