Nursery Chains supplement - Autumn 2013

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The business outlook for the UK's nursery groups is looking decidedly positive, as our comprehensive, annual guide to this vital part of the sector reveals.


Once again we have compiled a top 25 ranking of chains, highlighting which companies have added settings and places in the last 12 months, and which companies are contributing to the growing ‘corporatisation’ of the market. Check out our expert analysis on this ranking to gain insights into the current market dynamics.

Along with this is our league table of Ofsted rankings, providing a unique indicator of the extent to which leading groups are achieving quality across their multiple sites.

As successful groups seek out new premises, we report on the trend towards converting non-traditional sites such as pubs, churches and police stations. Read our feature to find out how nursery groups are seizing these opportunities to create inspirational sites.

We also take a look at the world of online and social media to provide an update on how chains are harnessing its power to promote their businesses and achieve a new level of engagement with parents.

With much more besides, Nursery Chains offers a great package of analysis and information:

Business - What does the future hold?

Digital - How chains are embracing digital technology

Profile - Kerry Sturmey, Nursery World's Nursery Operations/ Regional Manager of the Year

Premises - Pubs, churches and police stations are being revamped into nurseries

Profile - Active Learning

Nursery Chain of the Year 2013 - Bertram Nursery Group

League Table -The biggest and best groups in the market.

Directory - The latest details of UK nursery chains in our exclusive listings:

People & Places - A-H

People & Places - J-Z

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