The Big Picture: Little and large hit the road

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Children's toy the Cozy Coupe has become the nation's best-selling car, as it outsold market leader Ford Fiesta by 30 per cent last year.


Ford sold 109,625 Fiestas in 2012, while 156,693 Cozy Coupes were bought in the UK.

A giant version of the Cozy Coupe was driven around central London to celebrate the achievement. It took a 12-man team from Little Tikes three months to design and build.

Since the Cozy Coupe's inception in 1979 it has sold more than 22 million worldwide.

Rachael Springett, European marketing manager for Little Tikes, said, 'The fact that the toy is still going strong after 34 years of production is a testament to the entertainment it offers children, staying relevant and fun.'

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