Montessori awards its 150th accreditation

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The Montessori St Nicholas Charity awarded its 150th accreditation during the second MEAB Leadership conference at the Institute of Education in London on Saturday.


The MEAB - Montessori Evaluation and Accreditation Scheme - was introduced five years ago by the charity. Thirty-seven more Montessori schools have gained accreditation in the past year, taking the total to 150.

The scheme acknowledges and supports good, genuine Montessori practice and promotes greater understanding among parents and the wider educational sector of what constitutes ‘best practice’ in Montessori settings.

Barbara Isaacs, Director of National Strategies, said, ‘It is a privilege to bring together Montessori owners and managers to share in their continued efforts to improve their practice by participating in the Montessori Accreditation and Evaluation Scheme.’

The conference is used as a forum for leaders in Montessori to discuss different aspects of Montessori practice, with the focus this year on research.

The accreditation process begins with an application submitted by the school followed by an initial visit from an inspector who recommends changes to improve the practice. The setting has three to six months to implement these changes followed by a second visit. After this visit the setting will be awarded their accreditation and they will be able to use the MEAB logo on their website. Accreditation lasts for three years, after which the setting can apply for reaccreditation.

All MEAB accredited schools belong to the Montessori School’s Association (MSA) an organisation established by the Montessori St. Nicholas Charity in 2004 to offer practitioners the opportunity to be represented within the national education forum. There are now more than 650 MSA schools and 4,000 individual members.

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