New early years development resource for parents of disabled children

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The NCB has launched a new free early support resource to support families with disabled children and help them to track and record their child's early development.



The Early Years Developmental Journal replaces an earlier version of the resource and has been updated in line with the revised EYFS.

Parents will also be able to add the journal to the Early Support app, which will be available in the next few weeks, which will enable parents to add photos and video footage of their child’s development.

Families will keep the journal but will also be able to share it with nurseries, childminders, health workers and others at appointments and assessments to help them support their child’s development and identify areas where extra support may be needed.

Although the main purpose of the resource is to support families, it can also be used as part of the two-year-old progress check and to help to monitor children’s health.

Eileen Strevens, information co-ordinator for Early Support, said, ‘The journal helps parents to celebrate and track their child’s progress. The Early Support app will be launching soon and parents will be able to upload photos and films to the journal to personalise it.’

Being able to add films and photos will make it easier for parents to share how their child is developing with early years practitioners and others, she added.

The journal has been developed by a team of specialists in child development, early years, childhood disability and special needs, led by John Oates at the Centre for Research in Education and Educational Technology at the Open University.

  • More information from the NCB

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