Early Years Pioneers: a practice guide

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Background reading on the thinkers who helped shape current early years practice has just got easier, as we've gathered together all the articles from our 'Early Years Pioneers' series and made them available as a Practice Guide.


With all the articles now in one handy place, at http://nurseryworld.co.uk/go/pioneers/, you’ll be able to find out quickly and easily about the life and work of a range of educationalists, philosophers and practitioners who have influenced current thinking on childhood and early education.

Figures profiled range from Steiner and Froebel to academics Howard Gardner and Ferre Laevers. In the series, you'll find insights into Colwyn Trevarthen’s research on communication, Chris Athey’s work on schemas and Elinor Goldschmied’s development of the key person approach.

The series is ideal for students wanting to learn more about child development and the principles of early education and will be of interest to settings reassessing best practice under the revised EYFS.

Many of our other great series are packaged in this way at http://nurseryworld.co.uk/go/guides/, including Communication, Physical Development, School Readiness and the Practitioner Role.

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