Nursery group builds on block play

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Children in Busy Bees nurseries are playing with blocks to develop their learning and development at 14 of the chain's 129 nurseries.


The programme, which was introduced to nurseries this month, is designed to enhance a child’s individuality and creativity, as well as develop their spatial awareness.

Each of the nurseries taking part has been provided with wooden blocks in a specifically designed unit. Children are encouraged to use the blocks to re-create shapes, follow unique patterns and carry them to and from different areas, so that they can explore the volume and weight of the blocks.

Observations of the children’s interactions, enthusiasm and development  will be recorded by the nurseries and collated by the Busy Bees childcare team.

Lisa Snell, Busy Bees childcare and curriculum manager, said, ‘Block play helps to develop a child’s confidence and independent thinking, as there is no correct use of blocks. This encourages a variety of responses from the children, allowing them to experiment with concepts such as shapes, balance symmetry and design.’

‘Block play relates to many areas of learning, including mathematics, communication, and motor skills such as lifting, stacking and balancing. It encourages children to not only work independently, but as part of a team, where they learn to communicate, problem solve, share and listen to each others ideas.’

Busy Bees hope to roll out the programme to all of their settings by the end of next year.

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