Ofsted report marks down childminders on quality

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The best early years provision overall is found in group settings, Ofsted's annual report finds.

However, there has been an improvement in the quality of all early yearsprovision since the EYFS was introduced in 2008, with 74 per cent ofnurseries, pre-schools, children's centres and childminders receivinggood or outstanding grades, compared with 65 per cent three yearsago.

The report, published as part of Ofsted's annual report, said thatpre-schools and nurseries do better than childminders at preparingchildren for school.

Ofsted found that childcare linked with a children's centre tends to beof a higher quality and said that there was a strong case for creating'hubs' of the best performing settings, children's centres and schoolsto link up with weaker group care providers and childminders.

There continues to be 'a sharp difference' between provision in the mostand least deprived areas of the country, particularly amongchildminders.


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