Catch a story to keep creativity alive

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A project that invites parents, carers and practitioners to share good practice is helping to inject creativity into early years education.


The Story Catching project, launched last year by Creativity, Culture and Education (CCE), encouraged those working with children under five to promote their activities and events by uploading stories using photos, film and animation to CCE's website.

Sixteen stories and films are featured on the site, including footage from children's centres, parent-run playgroups, art clubs and community programmes. The aim is to inspire practitioners and parents to promote creativity.

Paul Collard, chief executive of CCE, said, 'With funding under threat for children's services such as Sure Start, it is important that those working in the early years continue to support innovation and imagination right from the start of a child's education.

'The Story Catching projects will help to energise and develop the workforce, engage parents and ensure all children are equipped with crucial creative skills.'

Clifton Children's Centre in York took part in the project to promote their new dads group and encourage more male carers to attend. The short film 'The Art of Being a Dad' tells the story of an art project in which fathers and their children created self-portraits using spray paint.

Children's centre co-coordinator Sam Smart said, 'The art project was something a bit different, which we thought would be attractive to men.

'Since doing the project we have had a steady flow of dads coming to the group.'

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