Spotlight on ... Jonathon Marlow, Childminder

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Name: Jonathon Marlow


Position: Childminder from Broughton Astley, Leicestershire

- Why did you make the career move from chef to childminder?

After having our second baby, my partner and I found ourselves without any one to look after our children and thought childcare would be expensive. I decided to become a childminder, as I've always been hands-on with bringing up my own children and it made sense giving up travelling 70 miles a day as a chef.

- What training did you undertake?

I wanted to do as much training as possible. I received funding from Leicestershire Council to do my paediatric first aid course and am waiting to complete the introductory course for childminders. I have also joined the NCMA for professional advice and guidance.

- How is it going so far?

I am nearly at full capacity since starting as a childminder in September. I have lots of ideas for activities and have been baking and icing cakes with the children.

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