EYP Update: EYP on Target

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CWDC reports that more than 4,000 people have now achieved EYPS and more than 3,600 are currently in training.

The Government is on target to have an EYP in every full daycare centre by 2015 and in every children's centre by the end of this year.

National programme manager for early years, Thom Crabbe, reports, 'We had a big surge in candidates last autumn, with 30 per cent more starting the course than we had planned for. This is very good news and we have been channelling our energies into funding for these students, rather than focusing on further advertising and promotional work.

'Local authorities are focused on the fact that children's centres need to recruit this year to meet targets,' he adds. 'The economic situation may also be playing a part in prompting people to change career direction.'

Training providers also report that foundation degree students are opting to stay on and pursue EYPS.

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