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Name: Lynda Chapman

Position: Head teacher of Plymbridge Nursery School and Children'sCentre in Plymouth, Devon

How long have you worked at the nursery school?

I have worked here for just over 17 years. There has definitely been asurge in development in the past few years and a lot of our ideas forthe nursery have been realised.

What benefits has the new centre brought since its opening in March2006?

The new building really enhances the work of the nursery staff with thespace it provides. We now have separate areas that can be shut off forquiet time, and the outside area presents a huge range of opportunitiesfor the children.

How has taking younger children affected the centre?

It has enhanced staff interest in the development of younger childrenand means that we have a much longer relationship with families. We haveseen children come in at eight months who are now just joining the 'BigNursery' and are more confident, as they already know the place.

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