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Celebrity babies were in the news as 2007 came to a close.

The Daily Mail said Spice Girls concertgoers were 'thrilled' when thegroup brought their children on stage during the song 'Mama', thoughthey were 'decked out with earplugs to protect their young ears from thenoise levels on stage'. The Metro reported that Britney Spears' mother,Lynne, has 'delayed indefinitely' publishing a parenting book now thatBritney's 16-year-old sister is pregnant. Royalty was more modest, asThe Sun quoted Prince Edward announcing the birth of his son, 'He lookslike most babies - rather small, very cute and very cuddly.'

While the Spice Girls go for names like Bluebell and Brooklyn, Jacktopped the UK's most popular baby boy's names for the 13th year in arow, with Grace a new number one for baby girls, reported the DailyMail.

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