Early Excellence Conference 2016 - South

Enabling Successful Futures: Developing a reflective & impactful pedagogy in an increasingly challenging climate

Keynote speaker: Sir Robert Winston

The evidence of what children require to be successful and the implications of what happens if these needs are not met have never been more apparent.

We are reminded daily of the consequences of inappropriate Early Years provision and the impact that this can have on children's health, wellbeing, academic outcomes and life chances.

We are also experiencing radical changes in the way that care and education are being organised, funded and held to account, and although their opportunities to benefit from more autonomy, there is a creeping downward pressure that can ultimately drive practice.

More than ever the children we work with need educators who are informed, reflective, and confident about providing a pedagogy that fully reflects and supports the reality of successful learning and development.

Join Early Excellence at this conference which will provide a unique opportunity to explore these issues from highly informed and respected perspectives.

Delegates in the South have the option to attend either on Tuesday 29 November or Wednesday 30 November.


Early Excellence London Centre


Senior leaders, EYFS co-ordinators and practitioners working with children


£200 + VAT per delegate

£150 + VAT per EExBA 2016 & EExAT schools delegate

Bookings placed before the 31st August receive a 5% off the advertised ticket cost.

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