Observing, assessing and planning across the early years: keeping the child at the heart of effective practice

Refine your observation and assessment skills and make sure children's development is at the heart of your thinking


  • To ensure that your assessments value children’s all round learning, your observations feed your planning and support children’s progress.
  • To ensure the child’s achievements, learning and developmental needs are at the heart of assessment processes and pedagogy

Course Objectives

This course will help you:

  • develop practical skills in observing, analysing observations and planning from what you have found out
  • examine why observation is so crucial in supporting children’s learning
  • keep the children and their learning needs at the centre of your practice
  • find the most effective and practical way to make assessment processes manageable, across the EYFS age range
  • decide how best to document children’s learning to ensure it is fully used to support future learning
  • involve parents and the children themselves in all your assessment processes
  • make regular summaries of children’s achievements and create data
  • make use of data to improve teaching

Trainer: Vicky Hutchin, Early Education

Cost:      Members £170, or with early bird discount (until 16 December) £140

Non-members £215, or with early bird discount (until 16 December) £185

Book online: http://www.early-education.org.uk/observing-assessing-and-planning-across-early-years-keeping-child-heart-effective-practice