Expert advice on providing healthy food in early years settings and educating young children about eating well.


Nursery Food: Healthy puddings - Virtuous desserts

Afters remain a staple of the nursery menu, but how can you ensure they offer nutritional value? Here, nurseries suggest recipes that swap sugar for more healthy alternatives without compromising on...


Nursery Food: Cooking with children - Just for starters...

Letting children get stuck into the cooking process, and linked activities, has many benefits. Snapdragons' Mary Llewellin explains


Nursery Food: Award winner - Excellence all round

Elmscot Day Nursery and Nursery School's comprehensive approach to food offers an inspiring example of good practice, writes Ruth Thomson.


Nursery Food: Common Inspection Framework - Health check

What does the new Ofsted framework mean for settings' approach to food. Annette Rawstrone reports


Nursery Food: Nutritional guidelines - Sweet and sour

Getting the balance right when it comes to the consumption of sugar and fibre is vital for good health. Annie Seeley looks at the recommendations - and how they...


Nursery Food: Working with Parents - Taking it home

Running cookery classes for parents and carers is one way that nurseries can help promote healthy eating beyond the setting. Charlotte Goddard reports.


Nursery Food: Nutrition advice - Asking the experts

Nurseries are using external specialists to ensure they are offering food that meets nutritional standards. Nicole Weinstein looks at the options.


Nursery Food: Training - Sense of adventure

One children's centre has developed a course on enabling children to experiment with food, after its own success. Annette Rawstrone reports.


Nursery Food: Quality - Progress report

What advances have been made in nursery food since the launch of the nutrition guidelines in 2013? Hannah Crown looks at new research.


Nursery Food: Food Production - From seed to plate

Teaching children about where their food comes from nurtures healthy eating and an understanding of the world. Annette Rawstrone explains.


Nursery Food: Snack time - Bite size

Snack time is now recognised as an important contributor to daily nutrition. Here, a selection of nurseries share their approaches.


Nursery Food: Training - A la carte

Practitioners with nutritional knowledge are key to instilling healthy habits in children. Meredith Jones Russell looks at the training options.


Nursery Food: Sugar - Sweet talk

Sugar intake can make a very real difference to children's health. Laura Whiting lists the ten things practitioners need to know.


Nursery Food: Two-year-olds - All the essentials

What should practitioners think about when considering nutrition in the context of the two-year-old programme and the families involved? Diana Hawdon offers some...


Nursery Food: Outside caterers - To order?

Making a decision on whether to outsource food provision can be a complex business. Ruth Stokes looks at what nurseries should consider.


Nursery Food: School meals - Free for all

The recent expansion of free school meals has presented difficulties for many, but schools are finding ways to make it work. Katy Morton reports


Nursery Food: Award winner - Top table

Snapdragons Keynsham is influencing children, practitioners and parents in the way they eat. Ruth Thomson visited to find out how.