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9 November. 'The Apprentice' (BBC Radio 4, 3.30 to 4pm)

9 November. 'The Apprentice'

(BBC Radio 4, 3.30 to 4pm)

John Cole asks whether modern apprenticeships bear any relation to the apprenticeships of the past.

'Fame, Set and Match'

(BBC 2, 9.10 to 10.15pm)

The highs and lows of former Saturday morning children's television presenters Noel Edmonds, Keith Chegwin and Timmy Mallett.

10 November. 'Five Live Report - Alex is Special'

(BBC Radio 5 Live, 12.05 to 12.30pm)

The programme focuses on a child who has cerebral palsy, severe learning difficulties and epilepsy, and the teachers who are now having to deal with the changes to special educational needs provision as a result of the Disability Discrimination Act. Presenter Rebecca Sandles reveals the patchy provision of inclusive specialist education that is available in the UK.

'Dispatches - Lifting the Veil'

(Channel 4, 8 to 9pm)

Reporters tell the story behind the public execution of a 35-year-old woman on a football pitch in Afghanistan and uncover shocking evidence that the plight of women in the country has changed very little since the fall of the Taliban.

11 November. 'Marrying a Stranger - Shabba'

(Channel 4, 9 to 10pm)

What if you have never met the person you are intended to spend the rest of your life with? This programme looks at the struggle of young British Muslims trying to reconcile their parents' traditional views with their own modern desires.

12 November. 'File on Four'

(BBC Radio 4, 8 to 8.40pm)

Allan Urry investigates whether the Private Finance Initiative is likely to deliver schools fit for the next generation of schoolchildren.

'Hearing Colours, Eating Sounds'

(BBC Radio 4, 9 to 9.30pm) As many as one in 2,000 people have synaesthesia, an extraordinary condition in which the five senses intermingle, so that some see colours and patterns when they hear music or words, while others 'taste' words.

More women than men are affected and the condition may be inherited.

13 November. 'Human Instinct - The Will to Win'

(BBC 1, 9 to 10pm)

Professor Robert Winston looks at why humans protect their children from birth and are capable of supreme acts of heroism.

14 November. 'Analysis'

(BBC Radio 4, 8.30 to 9pm)

Public anxiety about how to protect children from harm has reached fever pitch. This programme asks if too much attention is being focused on the child as victim, and if society can resolve the tension between the different ways the public and policymakers see children.

15 November. 'BBC Children in Need'

(BBC 1, 7pm to 2am)

Seven hours of entertainment to raise funds for charities and voluntary groups that support children and young people who have disabilities or psychological disorders, or who have suffered illness, abuse or neglect.

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