In brief...Unaffordable Christmas wish lists

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Unaffordable Christmas wish lists could become a thing of the past in the Republic of Ireland if the Fine Gael party succeeds in banning advertising children's toys on television until after 6pm. Last week Fine Gael consumer protection spokeswoman Deirdre Clune called for a ban on toy advertisements during children's prime viewing hours. 'This should be the last Christmas where children's television programmes are targeted by toy advertisers when parents can't be watching as well,' Ms Clune said. 'What we need is a 6pm watershed for all advertising of children's products. Toy manufacturers claim they are targeting parents. If that is the case, let them push the products when parents can watch television with their children.' Ms Clune is also campaigning for a review of sponsorships and advertising in schools. 'Schoolchildren are a captive market and it is unfair to expect teachers to be judges of what products can and cannot be marketed. You only have to look to the US to see what can happen. A fast food chain there sponsors schools' healthy eating literature.'

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