Early Excellence to launch Reception review

Friday, November 11, 2016

Training organisation Early Excellence is launching a new review of Reception teaching next week.

The Reception year (YR) is currently in the spotlight, and ‘The Hundred Review’ is partly a response to the recent report on primary teaching practice published by the Teaching Schools Council, which has been widely criticised by early years experts.

The review will draw on the expertise of Reception teachers , and draw on other research and evidence.

Chief executive Liz Marsden said, ‘Reception is an important year. It has a unique and crucial role in primary education and practitioners working in this highly specialist year group need continuing support to develop, share and embed effective practice that strengthens the quality of teaching and learning and its impact on good outcomes for children.’

Commenting on the recent report, she said, ‘We agree with the Teaching Schools Council that there is a need for a specific review of YR. It is important to recognise that the realities of child development necessitate an age and stage appropriate pedagogical approach in order for it to support and develop children as successful learners and ensure high levels of attainment. The Hundred Review will explore what an effective approach in YR looks like in terms of expectations, pedagogy and curriculum.’

She added that Early Excellence’s team is made up of senior leaders who have taught in EYFS and Key Stage 1, held leadership roles as phase leaders, heads, School Improvement Partners and inspectors, and also have experience of working at a national, strategic level with the Department for Education.

The training company developed the EExBA Baseline and works with 7,000 schools each year.

Ms Marsden added, ‘We recognise that those involved in reviews, like the recent Teaching Schools Council report, have provided a starting point for an important discussion, but too often it feels to many practitioners and heads that these reports and their recommendations do not come from a sufficiently informed perspective.

‘The idea of The Hundred Review is that it will be shaped by the voices of many hundreds of YR practitioners, school leaders and specialists. Over the course of the review we will visit schools, hold a series of consultation sessions with practitioners, hold discussions with school leaders, consult online, invite written submissions, and draw on existing research and the work of academics and stakeholders. Our aim is to get a true sense of how effective YR practice works and identify the challenges, tensions and confusions that prevent this from happening.’

The Hundred Review will be launched on Thursday 17 November at the Early Years Conference 2016, featuring Lord Robert Winston speaking alongside teachers, school leaders and other practitioners.  

Early Excellence would like to hear from YR practitioners, EYFS & school leaders as well as national organisations and consultants who support or inspect YR.

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