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Delicious spring rolls Ingredients

Delicious spring rolls


*6-12 sheets filo pastry *2-3tbsp sesame seed oil *4 spring onions *2 carrots *1tsp soy sauce *100g button mushrooms *1 small tin sweetcorn *pinch of pepper and nutmeg to taste *small bunch of fresh parsley or coriander

Children's age: all ages

Makes: serves 4

Preparation time: 30 minutes

Cooking time: 8-10 minutes

T = together A = adult

A Preheat the oven to 180xC.

A Peel and chop the spring onion and carrot into very fine strips.

T Wash the mushrooms and pull out the stalk.

A Finely chop the mushrooms.

A Open the tin of sweetcorn and drain off the excess liquid.

A In a medium frying pan, heat the oil and saute the onion, carrot and mushrooms for two minutes until lightly softened.

A Add the soy sauce and season with pepper and nutmeg.

T Wash the herbs and pick out small pieces to go into the filling.

T Add the corn, and the filling is ready to roll into spring rolls.

T Take the filo pastry out of the fridge and unroll a few sheets. Do not take too many at a time, as they dry out very quickly.

T Using a pastry brush, brush a little oil all over the sheet of pastry.

Place a small amount of mixture at one end of the pastry, leaving enough room each end to roll the ends in. Now start to roll up the filo pastry, pulling in the sides, like a parcel. You should end up with a neat rolled-up parcel with the ends sealed. This might take a little time to perfect. But it is still fun, whatever happens.

A Place the completed spring rolls on a baking sheet. Brush with oil and place in the oven and bake for eight to ten minutes until crisp and golden brown. Cooking the spring rolls in the oven means that there is less fat and danger from the deep fat fryer. They can also be shallow fried with a very small amount of oil.

To serve: This is delicious served as a starter or main course.

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