Management Guide: Multi-Agency Working

Sharing information and working effectively with other services is much easier in theory than in practice. In this comprehensive guide, Hannah Crown speaks to industry leaders on the key hurdles, progress on data sharing within Government, best practice, and training.


Multi-Agency Working: Part One - Crossing barriers

Sharing information between different agencies has always been problematic. In this series, Hannah Crown reports on national, local and individual moves to overcome this


Multi-Agency Working: Part 2 - It’s good to share

Information-sharing between organisations is at the core of multi-agency working. In the second instalment of this series, Hannah Crown looks at the issues than can arise among practitioners...


Multi-Agency Working: Part 3 - Big bad data?

Data systems commonly pose big problems for providers, local authorities and health trusts alike. In the third part of our series on information sharing, Hannah Crown looks at computer-related...


Multi-Agency Working: Part 4 - Multiple Benefits

Having looked at the overarching challenges of multi-agency working, Hannah Crown looks at where settings are getting it right


Multi-Agency Working: Part 5 - MASH up

In recent years, multi-agency working has become formalised. Hannah Crown looks beyond the early years to what we can learn from national models, such as MASHs and A Better Start


Multi-Agency Working: Part 6 - Multi-tasking

In the final part of this series, Hannah Crown looks at what exactly training for multi-agency working should involve