An 11-part series on helping children to begin exploring numbers, shapes, measurement and other mathematical ideas, by Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner.


Mathematics in the EYFS: Number names in order - 1,2,3

Assess how children are beginning to understand the order of numbers with ideas from Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner


Mathematics in the EYFS: Pattern - In sequence

Introduce children to patterns, and help them learn to recognise the mathematical rules behind them, describe patterns and create their own, with these ideas from...


Mathematics in the EYFS: Measure - In comparison

Give children plenty of opportunities to measure and compare quantities, and develop the vocabulary to describe what they are doing, with more activity ideas in...


Mathematics in the EYFS: Counting - In total

Mentally attaching a number name to an object within a group is an important skill for young children to master, say Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner.


Mathematics in the EYFS: Shape - Square up

Help children to use, discuss and think about shapes in mathematical terms with suggestions from Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner.


Mathematics in the EYFS: Space - Up and down

Where is it? Develop children's mathematical thinking by giving them plenty of opportunities to talk about positioning with resources and activities around the setting,...


Mathematics in the EYFS: Calculating - More or less

Demonstrating the idea of one more and less is the basis of adding and subtracting, say Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner.


Mathematics in the EYFS: Numbers - Figure it out

Fun activities to associate written numerals with what they represent are outlined in our series by Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner


Mathematics in the EYFS: Problem-solving - Within reason

Practitioners can gently prompt children into identifying problems and trying solutions, as Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner show


Mathematics in the EYFS: addition and subtraction - Plus and minus

Practical experience using everyday objects is best for understanding adding and subtracting, as Sheila Ebbutt and Carole Skinner explain.


Mathematics in the EYFS: Data handling - Sort it out

Sorting items by different properties and comparing them is a skill that you can observe the children learning to use with increasing sophistication, as Sheila Ebbutt...