Management Guide: Managing SEND

What do setting leaders need to know when it comes to SEND? This guide covers funding, navigating the local offer, training, legal framework, complex needs and managing parents.


Managing SEND, Part 1: Legislation - Special cases

What pressures do managers face specific to children with special needs, and how should they deal with them? In the first of a new series on the subject, Karen Faux reviews the legal framework


Managing SEND, Part 2: Funding - Supporting SEND

In the second part of this series, Karen Faux unpicks the different streams of support available for children with special educational needs


Managing SEND, Part 3: Local Offer - A better offer

How can early years settings – and the families who use them – get the best out of their SEND local offer? Karen Faux reports


Managing SEND, Part 4: Supporting Staff - Support Network

In the latest in this series on managing SEND, Karen Faux reports on how to create a supportive environment for staff


Managing SEND, Part 5: Parents - Parental advisory

Communicating with the parents of children with SEND can be a thorny issue. Karen Faux gets tips from settings doing it well


Managing SEND, Part 6: Complex Needs - Shared experience

How can settings help children with complex needs take part in activities, against a backdrop of funding squeezes, asks Karen Faux