Learning & development

The Learning & Development theme of the EYFS, including child development, Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and activities. Regular case studies showcase best practice from early years settings.


The Adult Role: part 2 - Follow the leader

The educator role alters subtly depending on whether it is an adult or child leading the learning, says Julie Fisher in part two of her series on the changing role of early childhood educators

Areas of Learning


Speech & Language: Part 2 - To the letter

In order to spot speech problems, practitioners need to know what children should be able to say for their age group, explain Penny Tassoni and Anne-Marie Tassoni...


Music - Sound control

The creator of The Greenfield Method tells Hannah Crown how it is teaching children self-regulation and other life skills through the production of sound


EYFS Activities - 5 ways to explore… maths

Going outside to ‘do’ maths is an effective way to engage young children. Julie Mountain offers some tips


Non-verbal communication: babies - More than words

Baby room practitioners need to tune in to those in their care by understanding the babies’ non-verbal communication, as well as their own, explains Charlotte Goddard...


Nursery Equipment: Physical Development - To the max

Embracing risky play gives children the chance to push themselves to their limits, with physical, emotional and educational benefits, explains Annette Rawstrone...