Learning & development

The Learning & Development theme of the EYFS, including child development, Prime and Specific Areas of Learning and activities. Regular case studies showcase best practice from early years settings.


EYFS Best Practice in Schools: Foundation Stage Units - All in one

Foundation Stage Units are in the spotlight amid Government plans to greater align EYFS and Key Stage 1 goals. Anne O’Connor outlines how they work and examines their benefits and challenges

Areas of Learning


EYFS Activities: Essential experiences… assembling kits

Children enjoy helping adults assemble furniture and equipment, and such construction projects have many benefits, writes Penny Tassoni


Enabling Environments: Collections - Where are we from?

People and communities are the subject of the last part of our series on resourcing for Understanding the World. By Nicole Weinstein


EYFS Activities: Five things to do on… a rainy day

With the right clothing, rainy days are an opportunity. By Julie Mountain


Learning & Development: Music: Part 3 - In the mood

How experimenting with music aids children’s personal, social and emotional development and promotes self-regulation. Linda Pound explains, and offers practical...


Learning & Development: Literacy - As hard as ABC

A defunct alphabet that was used in schools in the 1960s and 70s provides important lessons for current approaches to the literacy teaching of young children, discovers...