The co-location of nurseries and care homes is becoming increasingly popular in the UK. We look at the thinking behind intergenerational care, the latest developments and examples of best practice.

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New intergenerational scheme to grow, cook and eat together

A new lottery-funded programme aims to connect people of all ages and tackle loneliness and unhealthy eating.


Managing Equality and Diversity, Part 2: Age

Gabriella Jozwiak asks how settings can make sure they don’t discriminate against older or younger members of staff, and they encourage intergenerational understanding...


Nurseries urged to interact with older people to boost children's life chances

A new report recommends all nurseries and schools link with care homes to improve children’s educational attainment.


Workshops pave the way to bringing young and old together

A series of free workshops has been launched to encourage more intergenerational experiences.


Ambitious intergenerational co-location project unveiled

Social enterprise United for All Ages (UfAA) and care home operator Millennium Care are working together on a £12m intergenerational development, which is hoped...


Fundraising appeal to develop care for all ages

Think-tank United for All Ages has set up a crowdfunding campaign to support the development of 500 intergenerational centres over the next five years.


Ofsted inspectors issued with new guidance on Intergenerational co-location

Ofsted has issued new guidance to inspectors on registering and inspecting sites shared by childcare and eldercare services.


Language lessons bridge the generations

A new intergenerational scheme has launched, helping young children and elderly people to learn languages together.


EYFS Best Practice: All about… Intergenerational Co-location

Intergenerational co-location is the way forward in developing early years practice to meet the needs of young children and the elderly today. Lorraine George explains...


Shared nursery and elder care sites will end ‘age apartheid’

A new report has called for the introduction of 500 intergenerational shared sites to unite young and old people and counter ‘age apartheid’.



Yes, Minister, we need more intergenerational care for young and old

The health minister's support for intergenerational care is a welcome boost for this growing movement, says Stephen Burke of United for All Ages