Management Guide: In-house Training

In a time of squeezed training budgets, knowing how to lead training that your teams actually remember and use is a vital skill. In this four-part series, head of professional studies at Brockenhurst College, Anne Oldfield, and Sarah Emerson, early years consultant, explain how this can be done.


In-House Training: Part 1 - Setting the scene

In the first of a four-part series addressing how to conduct training well, Anne Oldfield, an early childhood lecturer, and Sarah Emerson, an early years consultant, start with the groundwork for a good...


In-House Training: Part 2 - Teach or learn?

In the second part of this series, Anne Oldfield and Sarah Emerson set out the circumstances in which learning happens best


In-House Training: Part 3 - Make it memorable

How can managers create training that sticks in people’s minds? Anne Oldfield and Sarah Emerson give some pointers


In-House Training: Part 4 - Learning that lasts

Embedding training in practice is crucial, write Anne Oldfield and Sarah Emerson, and assessment can be a useful way to promote this