Nursery World’s special report on all aspects of young children’s health.


Healthy Living: Well, well!

Setting children on the path to a healthy life should start with supporting their well-being and capitalise on their instincts, imagination and freedom to choose. By Pat Gordon-Smith


Childhood Obesity: Swing into action

Are we getting any closer to understanding childhood obesity? And what should early years practitioners be doing to help prevent it? Professor Pinki Sahota offers...


Immunisation: On the safe side

Health and childcare professionals are encouraged to play an active role in increasing the uptake of immunisations. Matthew Olley, an immunisation nurse specialist...


Mental health: Service cuts hit mothers and babies

Austerity measures are having a knock-on effect on the provision of mental health services around the UK. Gabriella Jozwiak investigates what this means for those...


Family Health: Dear Parent

In a letter to all parents of young children, Dr Raj Thakkar offers some guidance on both common and more serious medical conditions, what symptoms to look out...


Children with Medical Needs: Supporting ... Oscar

Attending to health is but one small part of supporting a child with complex medical needs in nursery. Ruth Thomson explains.


Dental Health: Brush up!

Despite improvements, dental health problems among children are still a reality. Meredith Jones Russell looks at what is being done.


Integrated Working: Hand in hand

New initiatives are bringing together expertise from the health service, early years sector and care in an effort to improve provision for children. Katy Morton...


Training: Courses of action

The current crop of training programmes covers a broad range of topics related to health. Hannah Crown rounds up some of the options.


Physical Development: Hang on

Have you ever asked young children what they think about physical development? Dr Lala Manners did - with some interesting results.