Big Issue: Free early education for disadvantaged two-year-olds

Twenty per cent of two-year-olds will become eligible for an early education place from September 2013, rising to 40 per cent in 2014-15. Follow the progress of the Government's programme.

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Local authority tells settings not to charge for funded twos

As providers increasingly move to charging parents of disadvantaged two-year-olds for ‘extras’, one local authority body has recommended settings refrain from doing...


Mayor tackles low uptake of funded two-year-old places

More than a third of eligible families in London are missing out on two-year-old places, according to figures released by the Mayor.


Funded two-year-old places starting to close the gap, but higher take-up vital

Government-funded childcare for disadvantaged two-year-olds has had a modest impact on children’s attainment, a study shows.


SEED: Report reveals benefits of ECEC at age three

Nursery World sums up the key findings of the latest research from the Study of Early Education and Development.


Disadvantage gap will take 'more than 100 years' to close

Children must be given equal access to high quality early years provision to tackle educational inequality, a leading think-tank has said.


‘Poor children excluded’ from nursery places

A new report suggests vulnerable children are being pushed out of settings because of the 30 hours.


30 hours programme is hitting two-year-old places, finds report

The most disadvantaged two-year-olds are losing out on childcare as an unintended consequence of the Government’s 30 hours policy, a report has found.


Mayor launches early years hubs to boost childcare for disadvantaged families

The Mayor of London has named the three areas that will take part in the new Early Years Hubs scheme to drive the take-up of funded two-year-old places across the...


Zahawi confirms changes to two-year-old eligibility, free school meals and EYPP

Around 7,000 more two-year-olds will become eligible for a funded early education place under plans confirmed by education minister Nadhim Zahawi.


SEED: qualifications and CPD highlighted in quality report

We summarise the latest findings from the Government-funded Study of Early Education and Development (SEED).



Are schools really best for twos?

The publication of this year’s Ofsted early years annual report should have been cause for celebration for the private, voluntary and independent sector, says Neil Leitch

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