Sharing Rhymes: ‘Molly, my sister, and I’

Penny Tassoni
Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sharing Rhymes – Molly, my sister, and I

Molly, my sister, and I fell out,

And what you think it was all about?

She loved coffee and I loved tea,

And that was why we couldn’t agree.

Why rhymes matter

  • Rhymes support children’s language and communication skills.
  • They help children’s listening skills and also their speech sounds.
  • They raise children’s ‘phonological awareness’ – a skill involved in reading. This is the ability to identify and use parts of spoken words, such as syllables (‘sis-ter’) and letters (‘c-u-p’), as well as sound patterns in words, such as rhymes (‘cat’, ‘mat’, ‘sat’) and alliteration (‘she sells seashells on the seashore’).
  • Rhymes also build children’s social skills when they are said or sung with others.

Tips for sharing nursery rhymes

  • Say or sing rhymes. And don’t be embarrassed about your singing!
  • Emphasise the beat (pulse) and rhythm.
  • Draw children’s attention to the various rhyming words.
  • Vary the pace you say the rhyme.
  • Slowing down will help children to hear rhymes more clearly.
  • Have fun with the words. Change some of the words or pause before a word to see if the child can say it.
  • Share rhymes with parents.

Suggestions for sharing this rhyme

  • Explain to the children that this is a rhyme about two sisters, or a brother and sister.
  • Say the rhyme slowly. Then repeat it and see if children can join in.
  • Emphasise these rhymes - ‘out’ and ‘about’ and ‘tea’ and ‘agree’.
  • Try missing out the ‘agree’ and see if children can fill it in.
  • Talk about what ‘fell out’ and ‘agree’ mean.
  • Record this rhyme and/or write the words down to share with parents.

Ideas for extending the learning

  • Ask children about when they argue and who they argue with.
  • Create a chart with two columns ‘I don’t like’ and ‘I like’ and record children’s comments.
  • Find out which children have siblings (don’t forget step and half siblings).
  • Visit a café with children.
  • Create a role-play café complete with menus, teapots and different-sized cups.
  • Encourage parents to show their children at home how they make tea and coffee.
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