Enabling Environments: Forest school diary - flowers and mud

Martin Pace
Friday, June 8, 2012

Revisiting the forest was a day of discovery for the children of Reflections Nursery & Forest School, Worthing, West Sussex, says Martin Pace, director

As on our other recent trips to the forest, the children were quick to notice the changes brought about by the warmer weather.

When we arrived, Charlotte noticed some new flowers. 'Buttercups,' Kate said, so we tested to see if the buttercup would shine if you put it under everybody's chins. 'Jackson likes butter,' said Charlotte.

Once on higher ground, Evie noticed all the greenery around her: 'Hey, look, the forest is growing salad.' And on our way back Keira noticed pink flowers: 'Look, more orchids have grown.'

At snack time, Harry noticed a fly: 'A fly tried to eat my pear... and if he did he would get big and big and go up into the sky, and turn into a bumblebee...

But I won't turn into a bumblebee.'


The children had expected puddles but found only dry mud.

Tadiwa: 'Where has the water gone?'

Jackson: 'Why is the mud hard?'

Charlotte: 'The mud has fallen on top of it and has buried the water, so no more puddles.'

Evie L found that their mud creations from the previous week were still on the tree - 'Look, they are still here, how clever is that.'

- and began to make some more with Keiria.

Keira: 'We are making mud faces. It's my Mum.'



Over lunch Harry asked if the children could have a bow and arrow, so staff member Caroline made some bows with him and Seb. With some help they practised 'flying' the arrows (throwing a stick into the air - and being careful to aim away from everybody).

Evie L: 'We can make it into a musical instrument, look.' And singing, added: 'I made a violin, I made a violin.'

Poppy, Charlotte and Fin also tried out the bows, while Jackson and Evie R enjoyed playing on the swing for a long time.

While waiting for the swing, Tadiwa, Charlotte and Evie L discussed marriage:

Tadiwa: 'Maybe I will marry the sky...'

Charlotte: 'Probably not, skies don't appear at weddings, and they can't move.'

Evie L: 'I wish I could marry a cow. I could ride on it, and cuddle it.'

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