News, tips and guidance on working with fathers, covering everything from paternity leave to ways to encourage Dads to join in at nursery.

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Positive Relationships: Working with parents - Young Dads' Council

Nurseries supporting young fathers should look to the Young Dads' Council


Fathers will be able to share parental leave up to a year

Plans to make it easier for mothers and fathers to share paid parental leave during the first year of a child’s life have been set out today by the Deputy Prime...


Positive Relationships: Parents - Fathers' days

The idea of a dads' group can be more appealing to early years practitioners than to the fathers themselves. Katy Morton looks at their future and what makes a successful...


Positive Relationships: Fathers in Prison - Behind bars

Prison is proving an ideal place for fathers to get more involved in family life, says Annette Rawstrone.


Positive Relationships: Fathers - Starting right

When you're trying to get fathers more involved with their children in your setting, offer them some tips from Daniel Ayeni, manager of Manor Park Children's Centre...


A Unique Child Inclusion: Calling all men

When one children's centre wanted children's fathers and male relatives to come along and join in the activities, they made FUDGE - a session just for them. Annette...


Positive Relationships: Expectant fathers - Man to man

Peer support is proving to be the ideal approach to getting fathers involved with their infant children. Annette Rawstrone hears why.


Unique Child Fathers: Practice in pictures - Dad's the word

The important role men play in children's lives is increasingly recognised. Anne O'Connor explains how settings can better involve them.


Positive Relationships: Baby blues

Spare a thought for fathers, who can also experience post-natal depression that may affect family relationships, says Katy Morton.



To the Point - Caring key to equality

I found myself pleasantly surprised to read that Children and Families minister Tim Loughton had recently challenged public sector workers to avoid 'passive discrimination' against fathers.