Enabling environments

All aspects of the Enabling Environments EYFS theme, including provision for birth to threes and three to fives, outdoor play and learning, and equipment and resources. Regular features include Let's Explore.


EYFS Activities: 5 ways to explore outdoors with under-threes

Outdoors is the very best place for babies and toddlers to explore, learn how the body works and to develop its potential, explains Julie Mountain

Outdoor provision


Outdoor - Fine days at Little Foxes

Children’s fine motor skills are developing speedily at Little Foxes Forest School, an outdoor nursery in Bristol, thanks to the range of activities on offer, Nicole...


EYFS Activities: Five things to do with… steps and ramps

Letting children practise negotiating steps and slopes will improve their physical confidence and can teach them about number and gravity. By Julie Mountain


Outdoors - Open minded

As Chelsea Open Air Nursery School prepares to celebrate its 90th anniversary, Nicole Weinstein finds out what makes the setting so special today


EYFS Activities: Five ways to explore… water

With summer upon us, Julie Mountain suggests some creative ways to use water in your setting


Nursery Equipment: Forest School - Hit the trail

Two settings, one urban and one rural, explain how their Forest School provision works. By early years expert Nicole Weinstein