Enabling environments

All aspects of the Enabling Environments EYFS theme, including provision for birth to threes and three to fives, outdoor play and learning, and equipment and resources. Regular features include Let's Explore.


Creating A Library - Shelf life

How – and why – one setting created a library for two-year-olds and their parents. By Amina Khan, early childhood educator at Everton Nursery School and Family Centre in Liverpool

Outdoor provision


Outdoors in Japan: part 1 - Risk and return

In the first of a four-part series, Julie Mountain explores what Japanese kindergartens can teach us about risk-taking and resilience


EYFS Activities: Five ways to explore… Tiny containers

Small receptacles provide a plethora of opportunities, says Julie Mountain


EYFS Activities: Five ways to involve… Parents and carers

Children’s families are a wonderful outdoor play resource, says Julie Mountain


Resilience Outdoors - En route

Being outdoors offers unique and plentiful opportunities to build our own and children’s resilience, explains Annie Davy


EYFS Activities: Five ways to explore… Tarpaulins

If you don’t already have a tarp collection at your setting, perhaps these ideas will tempt you, says Julie Mountain