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Friday, January 25, 2019

The best things about being part of this nursery group's bank staff team

Adrianna and Sophie aren’t your average nursery workers. Full-time fixed hours of work aren’t for them. For them the flexibility and choice of hours is what matters most, and that’s what family run nursery provider Fennies gives them.

Adrianna and Sophie both belong to Fennies’ bank staff team. Fennies’ is able to offer nursery workers hours that suit them, even if those hours vary week to week, without making them give up the perks of being an employee.

We asked Adrianna and Sophie to share why they love working for Fennies’ as bank employees.

 1. A job that fits around your commitments

The flexibility of belonging to Fennies’ bank staff is perfect for those who need work to fit around other commitments.

“I’m studying law at university and so I need flexibility,” says Sophie. “Bank is so flexible I can tailor my shifts around lectures, exams and other demands of my course. It doesn’t matter that the days and times of lectures and exams often vary. Fennies are always flexible for me.”

Adrianna agrees: “Bank hours are great because it fits around my other job.”

 2. A choice of workplaces

With 11 locations in London and Surrey, Fennies bank staff can choose to work at the nurseries that are nearest to them.

“My commute means the Croydon nurseries suit me best, so those are the ones I work with,” says Sophie.

Adrianna also likes the variety of places she can choose to work: “I really enjoy getting to work across different nursery settings – it’s lovely to have that kind of variety.”

 3. Work with a variety of age groups

As a member of Fennies’ bank staff you aren’t tied to working with one age group.

“I get to work with all age groups as needed by Fennies, and that’s great because it means I get plenty of experience and variety,” says Sophie.


 4. Flexibility plus career development

Fennies were finalists at the recent NMT Awards for Training and Development and all bank staff are able to benefit from Fennies’ bespoke training and development opportunities, such as the annual Day of Inspiration. Every employee of Fennies, including bank staff are invited to inter-company events, such as the annual Christmas Party.

“I’m a Level 3-qualified nursery worker so keeping up my training and development is really important to me,” says Adrianna.

“There aren’t many places that will give you both flexibility and career development opportunities.”

 5. Work when you need it

As a leading nursery provider, there are always plenty of shifts for Fennies bank staff workers to choose from.

“They always able to offer more or less hours to suit what I need,” says Adrianna. “I can rely on them to be there when I need them and in return I like to be there when they need me.”


More Fennies’ staff bank benefitsfennies

– Competitive pay

– Monthly rewards and high street discounts

– Up to 25 days holiday a year

– Up to 40% childcare discounts

– Free uniform and DBS check


Find out more about working with Fennies Bank Staff team by clicking here

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