A six-part series by Helen Moylett on how to promote communication skills in babies and young children, with an overview of the essentials of good early years practice and a focus on particular themes including bilingualism and working with parents.


Learning & Development: Communication: Part 1 - Time to talk

A new series on communication skills and good early years practice is launched by Helen Moylett.


Learning & Development, Communication: Part 2 - Friendly places

The whole learning environment in which young children spend their time needs to offer quality language provision, says Helen Moylett.


Learning & Development: Communication, Part 3 - Parent talk

A child's communication begins at home, and early years practitioners need to promote it there and in partnership with the nursery, as Helen Moylett explains.


Learning & Development: Communication Part 4 - By the book

Narrative boosts language skills and lays the foundations for reading and writing.


Learning & Development: Communication - Part 5 - Think twice

Let the home language into the nursery for children communicating bilingually, says Helen Moylett


Learning & Development: Communication - Part 6 - Beyond words

Initiatives by Government and other agencies are encouraging communication, says Helen Moylett, in the final part of her Communication series.