Enabling Environments: Collections - Ready to go

There is an important balance to be struck between child-initiated and adult-chosen activities in a setting's choice of equipment, says Julian Grenier, in a feature introducing a new series.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Top drawer!

Most children like to draw. Nicole Weinsteinfinds out how practitioners can best support young children’s early development of drawing – and looks at some of the...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Broad strokes

Allowing children to explore media and materials enables important learning, but how can practitioners support children's creativity and understanding? Nicole...


Enabling Environments: Collections - All in hand

How can settings support the development of small hand movements? Nicole Weinstein advises.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Please touch

Providing babies and toddlers with a variety of textures and other sensory resources lets them make the most of their natural tendency to explore. Nicole Weinstein...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Play it by ear

How can practitioners help children develop good listening skills? Nicole Weinstein offers some advice


Enabling Environments Collections: Sense of place

Use first-hand experiences and location resources for learning about environments, says Nicole Weinstein.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Make it count

Well-chosen activities, heuristic play resources and a number-rich environment can help practitioners to support children's understanding of numbers and counting....


Enabling Environments: Collections - Me do it!

Self-care is an essential life skill, but it can also help children grow in confidence. Nicole Weinstein suggests some supporting resources.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Bear it!

Teddy bears have a unique role in children's lives and are an invaluable developmental resource. Nicole Weinstein goes on the hunt.


Enabling Environments: Collections - At the wheel

Wheeled toys such as trikes, bikes and scooters aren't just good fun - they also provide developmental benefits. Nicole Weinstein looks at how to make the most...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Well away

Pack-away nurseries need be creative to make their settings work. Nicole Weinstein asks three how they manage their storage solutions.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Follow the leader

The outdoors offers opportunities to get creative with role play. Nicole Weinstein suggests how practitioners might provide resources to support, and build on,...


Enabling Environments: Collections - Glorious mud

This natural material opens up opportunities for children to experiment and explore both real and imaginary worlds - and a mud kitchen makes a good central point....


Enabling Environments: Collections - On the loose

Loose parts resources, which can be found, recycled or bought, empower children's creativity and inventiveness, particularly in the outdoor environment. Nicole...


Enabling Environments: Collections - By design

Design and technology sparks imagination and helps children begin to make sense of the world in which we live, says Nicole Weinstein.


Enabling Environments: Collections - A fine time

In the second of a two-part series on developing fine motor control, Nicole Weinstein looks at resources for children aged three to five years.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Fine by me!

This first in a two-part series looking at resources for developing children's fine motor control starts with the under-threes. Nicole Weinstein reports.


Enabling Environments: Collections - Take art

The quality of the tools provided for children to paint and draw is important. Nicole Weinstein suggests some key resources to encourage creativity.