With childhood obesity on the rise, we look at the research behind the headlines, what can be done to reverse the trend, and the Government's obesity strategy.

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Guide to: Childhood Obesity Strategy

Following criticism of its obesity strategy, the Government added a second chapter earlier this year setting out new aims and commitments. Meredith Jones Russell...


Millions of children in families too poor to afford a healthy diet

Close to 4 million children are in households that can’t afford enough fruit, vegetables and other healthy foods to meet Government nutritional guidelines.


Severe obesity at its highest-ever rate in Year 6 children

Levels of severe obesity in children aged 10 to 11 years have reached the highest point since records began.


Ofsted's report on obesity slammed for ignoring experts

The expert panel who advised Ofsted on its obesity report, claim that the inspectorate has gone against its advice by saying that schools are not the ‘silver bullet’...


Government strengthens Childhood Obesity Plan

The Government has reformed its Childhood Obesity Plan to include tighter controls on junk food marketing.


Childhood obesity is 'everyone's business' and can no longer be ignored

The Government must make sure that young children at risk of obesity are identified early to make sure that they and their families can access the right support,...


22,000 children severely obese at the end of primary school

The number of children in the last year of primary school severely obese is almost double that of those in Reception, according to a new analysis by the Local Government...


Walking a mile a day could fight child obesity

An initiative in which school children walk or run a mile every day could be the answer to tackling obesity and sedentary behaviour globally, according to new research....


APPG calls for Child Obesity Strategy rethink

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on a Fit and Healthy Childhood has demanded the Government rethink the role of physical activity in its Child Obesity Strategy....


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Pack it in?

As packed lunches look set to become more common, Dr Patricia Lucas assesses their quality and launches a survey to find out more