With childhood obesity on the rise, we look at the research behind the headlines, what can be done to reverse the trend, and the Government's obesity strategy.

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APPG calls for Child Obesity Strategy rethink

The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on a Fit and Healthy Childhood has demanded the Government rethink the role of physical activity in its Child Obesity Strategy....


A Unique Child: Inclusion - Better off?

How ‘A Better Start’ is improving outcomes for children in Blackpool, Bradford, Southend, Nottingham and Lambeth. By Charlotte Goddard


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Pack it in?

As packed lunches look set to become more common, Dr Patricia Lucas assesses their quality and launches a survey to find out more


Training Talk

A course on obesity enabled Kim Powell to deliver her own training courses on healthy eating


Image problem

Even the youngest children are not immune to society’s obsession with body image. So what should early years staff be aware of? Hannah Crown reports


Menus to be brought in for early years settings

New food guidelines for nurseries and childminders are due to be published by the Government.


A Unique Child: Nutrition - Get real!

It is more important than ever to make children see where healthy food comes from, says Mary Llewellin


A Unique Child: Health & Nutrition - On the MEND

Community intervention programme MEND is helping families to be more positive about healthy eating and exercise. Caroline Vollans sees the programme in action in...


Nearly five hundred playgrounds will have closed by 2019

Hundreds of children's playgrounds have closed over the past three years, with hundreds more destined to follow suit.


Government missing opportunities to tackle childhood obesity, say MPs

A new report by the Health Select Committee calls for more robust action by the Government to tackle childhood obesity, including controlling the ‘deep discounting’...

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A Physical blow

Relegating the Chief Medical Officers' physical activity guidelines to a footnote in the revised EYFS is a dereliction of duty, says Dr Lala Manners