Early Years & Childcare Job Roles

Fancy a new career direction? Find out what it takes to work in a range of early years jobs, with advice from Anne Hayes on skills, qualifications and training.

Job Roles


London Early Years Foundation Teachers

Why LEYF nurseries turned its staff into teachers



‘We’re giving children amazing memories for life and the lifestyle’s amazing’


Fennies Bank Staff

The best things about being part of this nursery group's bank staff team


Wellington Colleges China

How one nursery worker gambled on China and won the best opportunity of his career


London Early Years Foundation - gender neutral

‘She can hold a spider and not be scared’: One nursery’s quest to make activities gender neutral



How this nursery provider makes staff training inspirational


My working life… SEND consultant

Gabriella Jozwiak meets a woman who does everything from one-to-one tutoring of children with SEND to...


My working life… Baby swimming teacher

Gabriella Jozwiak meets a woman for whom the phrase ‘water baby’ is a vocation, having swapped sales...


My working life… Children’s hospice worker

Gabriella Jozwiak speaks to children’s hospice worker Vikki German, who cares for children and young...


My working life… Educational psychologist

An educational psychologist in London tells Gabriella Jozwiak about her day-to-day role and the unique...

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EYFS Training

How to train the nursery team on all aspects of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

Management Guide: EYFS Training

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The latest news, views and case studies on Early Years Teacher Status.