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Information about the workplace, pay and conditions, training, qualifications and how to start and build a career in work with babies and young children.


Workforce Strategy, Part 5: Further Education - Teacher training

Budget and time constraints are limiting FE early years lecturers’ access to CPD, raising sector concerns. By Charlotte Goddard

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Training: Collaborative Working, Part 2 - Talk therapy

Is it really possible for leaders of unconnected settings to work together for the mutual benefit of all, including the children? Yes, explains Carla Solvason


Training Talk

An MA in education led Laura Andrews to shift her approach to mentoring. By Gabriella Jozwiak


Nursery Chains: Recruitment - Hire ground

The GCSE maths and English requirement for Level 3 has been scrapped, but many settings are still struggling to hire and retain quality staff. Jo Parkes speaks to some chains to find...