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Information about the workplace, pay and conditions, training, qualifications and how to start and build a career in work with babies and young children.


Training Today: Degrees - Graduate hall

New competencies to benchmark Early Childhood Studies degree qualifications will be launched in September. Dr Eunice Lumsden, head of early years at the University of Northampton, who has authored them,...

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Training Today: T-levels - Bed of roses?

Will the new T-levels be an easy ride for students or a bumpy road? Hannah Crown gives the lowdown on the new vocational programme for Education and Childcare


Training Today: Reflective practice - See for yourself

Reflective practice is embedded in early years provision, but is not always easy to achieve. Educational psychologist Anita Soni describes a project in Birmingham that uses video to...


Recruitment: Part 3 - Reeled in

What are the key things candidates want to see in a job ad, and how are they using technology? Charlotte Goddard reports on practical things settings can do to boost their recruitment...