Management Guide: Business Models

The array of business models available to nurseries are set out in this a six-part series by Hannah Crown


Business Models: Part 1 - Social Enterprise - Giving back to the community

In the first part of a new series on the various business models available for childcare, Hannah Crown considers one of the fastest growing approaches - the social enterprise.


Business models: Part 2 - Private company - Great and small

Private businesses can come in a variety of shapes and sizes - and can be ethical, too. Hannah Crown looks at the options.


Business Models: Part 3 - Collective ownership - All for one

In the third installment of a series on different business models, Hannah Crown considers two different but linked movements that have their roots in employee ownership.


Business Models Part 4: Public Companies - Going public

It's a high-risk business but, with the right expertise, opening up to public investment can raise serious cash. Hannah Crown reports on the nursery as a marketable enterprise.


Business Models Part 5: Voluntary Sector - Charitable status

Charities are commonly managed by unpaid trustees and have the freedom to fundraise. But this can be both a blessing and a curse, as Hannah Crown reports.


Business Models Part 6: Maintained sector - Back to school

In the final part of our series on business models, Hannah Crown looks at how schools are working the daycare market.