An understanding of attachment is central to delivering the Positive relationships strand of the Early Years Foundation Stage. A five-part series by early years consultant Anne O'Connor.


Positive relationships: Attachment, part 1 - Safe and sound

While attachment in theory remains controversial, practitioners need to understand it in order to deliver the EYFS, explains early years consultant Anne O'Connor....


Positive relationships: Attachment, part 2: Feeling secure

A child's ability to grow emotionally, make relationships with others and learn effectively can depend on the sense of safety and confidence they derive from having...


Positive relationships: Attachment, part 3: Insecure lives

Practitioners should be alert to children in their care who may lack the sense of secure attachment they need for emotional development, and offer their families...


Positive relationships: Attachment, part 4: After the trauma

Children who have suffered a lack of care and nurture at a young age can benefit from special attention in an early years setting, says Anne O'Connor.


Positive Relationships: Attachment, Part 5: Tuning in

Understanding attachment theory can enhance flexible and responsive strategies to guide your practice with all children, says Anne O'Connor.