A Unique Child

All aspects of the EYFS theme A Unique Child, covering inclusion, child health, nutrition, safeguarding in the EYFS and other topics.


Nutrition - Fuel up

One project is feeding children while teaching sustainability. By Meredith Jones Russell

Inclusive Practice


Outdoors - Ground work

The natural environment is benefiting children with sensory processing problems at Merseyside’s first outdoor nursery, explains Nicole Weinstein


Speech & language: part 1 - Can’t talk or won’t talk?

Selective mutism and being a reluctant talker are different conditions, explain Anne-Marie Tassoni and Penny Tassoni, who offer advice to practitioners on what to...


A Unique Child: Inclusion - With every sip

With little awareness of Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders and growing concern about their prevalence, practitioners need to know how to cater for children affected,...


Workforce Strategy, Part 9: SEND - Training for SEND

Supporting children with SEND is to get a new qualification. Charlotte Goddard asks what the sector wants it to achieve