From September 2017, working parents of three- and four-year-olds will be eligible for 30 hours of free childcare. Follow the progress of the Government's flagship policy as it develops.

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30 hours policy 'entrenches inequality' says social mobility watchdog

The Government should extend its 30 hours offer to those working eight hours per week and eventually to all unemployed parents, the Social Mobility Commission said...


Childcare providers in London less likely to offer the 30 hours

The majority of childcare providers are offering the 30 hours, but there are regional differences, finds a new DfE report.


Devastated owner to close setting due to 30 hours

A nursery provider has been forced to close one of her settings because a shortfall in funding for the free entitlement has made the business unsustainable.


£60m awarded to grow 30-hour childcare in Wales

The Welsh government has earmarked £60m to build or refurbish more than 100 Childcare settings as part of expanding 30-hour childcare.


30 hours childcare ‘is limiting choice’

There is increasing concern about the impact of the 30 hours on the availability of places for working parents, and a growing outcomes gap for disadvantaged children...


Warning signs over 30-hour impact on poorer twos

The introduction of 30-hour childcare has led to ‘a possible trade-off’ between provision for disadvantaged two-year-olds and that for three- and four-year-olds,...


Call for high earners to be 'stripped' of the 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare

A new report proposes lowering the upper eligibility threshold for the 30 hours and Tax-Free Childcare (TFC) to boost support for families under universal credit....


Providers in Wales find £4.50 rate for 30 hours commercially viable

Nearly nine in ten providers offering the 30 hours in Wales agree that the rate is viable, according to findings from research into the early implementer phase of...


Education Secretary questioned in Parliament over our 30 hours investigation

A leading MP has called for the Government to better evaluate the impact of its policies after our investigation found that the 30 hours offer is penalising disadvantaged...


EXCLUSIVE In Focus: 30 hours: the hidden cost

What price are the most vulnerable children paying for the Government’s flagship childcare policy? Our FOI investigation reveals that nearly a fifth of councils...


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