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Early intervention programmes are finding greater success by engaging both parents, rather than just mothers, as well as enrolling them before the birth of their child, discovers Annette Rawstrone

This activity is always a winner with young children, is easy to do at home, and is developmentally beneficial. By Penny Tassoni

How Emmi Pikler’s approach to care-giving for the under-threes can be incorporated into modern best practice at settings and at home. By Dorothy Marlen

‘Once upon a time there was a princess called Fiona…’ How one setting in Luton dealt with the death of an outstanding, much-loved practitioner. By Anni McTavish

Introducing young children to the concept of number should be easy and entertaining. Penny Tassoni provides some tips

It’s important to get parents to support their children’s schematic behaviour, explains Helen Petrie

This type of play should bring out the designer in both boys and girls, explains Penny Tassoni

Noticing what a baby is attending to, and then talking to them about it, boosts language development. By Dr Danielle Matthews, Dr Michelle McGillion and Professor Julian Pine

Her daughter struggling to make friends at school was a major worry for Working Mum, until her teacher found some solutions

Why is touch so important for babies and young children? Because it is linked to healthy physical and emotional development, Anne O’Connor explains