Positive relationships

All aspects of the Positive Relationships theme of the EYFS, including child behaviour, attachment, the key person system, staff relationships, and working with parents. Regular features include Behaviour and Parent's Guides.


Home learning: Activities for parents -Singing

Penny Tassoni has great ideas for singing at home



Positive Relationships: Behaviour - Time to reflect

Behaviour is not an 'area of need', rather an indicator of other areas of need, says Kay Mathieson in the first of a three-part series on child behaviour in light...


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - A fighting chance

Sibling rivalry is natural and unavoidable, but the ways in which parents respond to arguments can make a real difference to children's learning. Kay Mathieson...


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - Colour coded?

Gender stereotyping in clothes and toys is the subject of much debate, but it is vital to recognise why children use 'girly/boyish' signals and to give positive...


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - Easy does it

Some two-year-olds may have difficulty settling in, but taking steps to review your process and working more closely with parents can help to smooth the transition....