Positive relationships

All aspects of the Positive Relationships theme of the EYFS, including child behaviour, attachment, the key person system, staff relationships, and working with parents. Regular features include Behaviour and Parent's Guides.


Positive Relationships: Men in Childcare - Man enough?

Why is it important to get more men as practitioners in the early years? What can we learn from other countries? Jo Warin shares her research on practices and attitudes around the world

Working With Parents


My Best Course - Good parent partnerships

An online course on working with parents helped a childminder do well in her childcare diploma – and make more time for fathers


Working Mum - Come clean!

After witnessing uncleanliness in a nursery toilet, Working Mum wonders why staff can’t keep a closer eye on this area


Home Learning - A parent’s guide to… transitions

At this time of year, moving room or setting is particularly common. Penny Tassoni presents some top tips for parents


Working Mum: Fat chance?

Finding a suitable childminder for her young daughters has not always been an easy process, explains Working Mum



EYFS Best Practice - All about…children’s friendships

Being able to make friends is easier for some than it is for others, but practitioners can help all children to form relationships. Marion Dowling explains how


Positive Relationships: Behaviour - In the acts

In an extract from her book on understanding children’s behaviour, Cath Hunter explains some of the underlying reasons behind difficult behaviour and how it can...


Troubled teens left in limbo

The ‘epidemic’ requires a mix of early intervention and later support services, finds Charlotte Goddard


Positive Relationships: Parenting Programmes - Something to prove

High-quality parenting programmes can support vulnerable people and their ability to parent. Charlotte Goddard profiles one such programme and the challenges facing...