Spotlight on ... Mary Mould

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Name: Mary Mould Position: Owner of Woodhams Farm Day Nursery in Winchester


Congratulations on winning the award for Service Excellence at the Winchester Business Excellence Awards. How did it feel to win?

It's just brilliant. What I loved most was that we were nominated by parents. To have a group of them get together and take time out of their busy lives to write in was very special. I've been walking round like a Cheshire cat ever since.

Why do you think the nursery won?

We provide a very personal service. The manager and I get involved from day one and we nurture the parents almost as much as the children.

Although we've just built an extension to increase numbers, I don't think we'll go any bigger again because we'd lose our personal touch. We have 140 children on roll and there are only so many names an old person like me can remember! I don't want to lose what we've got. To win something like this proves we're getting it right.

Why does the award mean so much to you?

I can design a nice building and provide nice stuff to go in it, but parents have to want to come here and my staff are the reason for that. That's why this award is so precious to me - it's one for my girls.

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